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Darwin Fisher and the Starnet Alliance

Darwin Fisher is a proud member of the Starnet Worldwide, Commercial Flooring Partnership. Starnet is comprised of over 165 full-service flooring contractors representing more than 300 locations throughout North America.

With $3 billion in annual sales, Starnet is the single most influential force in the contract flooring industry. From its nationwide network of dealers to its best-in-category vendor partners, everyone involved with Starnet is at the top of the industry.

Darwin Fisher has been a member since June 2006. Through the alliance, Darwin Fisher has partnerships with the most skilled commercial flooring professionals and highest quality flooring manufacturers, to deliver successful installation projects all over North America. Darwin Fisher has serviced companies in Montreal, Calgary, Seattle and various other locations.

Code of Ethics Certificate

The partnership gives commercial flooring contractors’ special status as each member has a reputation that clients can trust. Values are built on quality, reliability and service that is guaranteed by the organization’s code of ethics.

Starnet Code of Ethics

Starnet Code of Ethics

Benefits To Darwin Fisher Customers

By choosing Darwin Fisher, your flooring project is done right the first time—saving you time and money while  protecting your long-term investment.

Being part of the worldwide alliance allows Darwin Fisher to be part of a larger flooring cooperative that provides expertise to the markets served with the utmost professionalism, timeliness and quality. It also adheres to a strict code of ethics when dealing with customers. Starnet partners and vendors maintain the highest standards.

Darwin Fisher is also given access to technical information, which helps solve reoccurring industry challenges. Access is provided to other dealers who provide a forum to discuss new issues. This ensures the company is part of a bigger group when servicing clients enabling them with leading edge technology and resources.

Members continually pool their knowledge and expertise and are extremely transparent and helpful with one another. Flooring issues are discussed in an open manner. This means the comprehensive breadth of services that Darwin Fisher offers is always improving. Starnet also offers a list of preferred suppliers, which guarantees the quality all materials supplied.

Darwin Fisher’s Commercial flooring expertise spans across the following markets

Markets served with Starnet

Starnet Market Expertise


Providing solutions for distinct and unique commercial workplace requirements, members have the expertise to handle any project from small business to Fortune 500 companies, as evidenced by the Design Awards website.

Highlighting the innovative use of flooring commercial design the Starnet Design awards have recognized exceptional projects since 1998 for architecture and design community and Preferred Vendor flooring products.


Members are specialized in understanding the challenges that come with providing modern and inspirational teaching environments that are safe, healthy and easy to maintain. They also are experienced in providing sound solutions in a sector, which is consistently faced with cost-conscious budgets.


Starnet members are also leading experts in healthcare flooring and understand the critical role that floors play in the patient, staff and visitor experience. Expertise includes hygiene, overall care and cleaning, and nuances of the patient environment.

Starnet offers an array of flooring contractors and flooring care providers offering a full range of products and related services.

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