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Glueless Carpet Tiles: Good For Your Corporate Health and Budget


Traditional glues used in some flooring applications may contain formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, and have been linked to cancer. For employees that are sensitive to compounds used in carpet glues, there are alterative carpet systems designed to help improve health and your bottom line.

Market Solutions

Glueless carpet systems are also sought after by companies that prefer more environmentally conscious products. Ecologically friendly solutions that don’t use traditional carpet adhesives are widespread. Innovations available in the market today include:

  • Connection systems designed to anchor the bottom of the tile, eliminating adhesive on subflooring or underlayment
  • Tape solutions which adhere to the corners of each tile to create a floating floor that stabilizes itself through attachments of adjacent tiles
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive which provides an alternative to wet adhesive

Used for both permanent or temporary installation projects, glueless carpet tiles offer a cost-effective solution to fixed flooring. These products have provn to be ideal for selective carpet replacement areas. As the carpet isn’t physically attached to the floor it can be easily moved and relocated. When changes to existing floor layouts are required, glueless systems are easy to lift and reconfigure based on the needs of the project at hand. Glueless carpet systems are also versatile. They can be installed over a variety of existing surfaces including wood, luxury vinyl tiles, concrete and raised access flooring.

These systems provide greater flexibility for installation and refitting for a variety of applications across many industries including healthcare, hospitality, retail, education and the entertainment industry.

Quick, Easy and Less Mess

Glueless carpet systems are a sound alternative as they create less mess. Clean up is efficient as there are no pails of glue and extra-related adhesive materials required. As sticky substances are not required for the sub floor, odors and harmful emissions cease to exist. Recently, Darwin Fisher installed a floating floor system for a large client with an employee that had a sensitivity to traditional adhesives. The solution proposed for the employer was quick, seamless and enhanced the environment from a health perspective, appeasing both parties.

From a productivity standpoint, extra labour isn’t required for floor preparation. Installation time is also reduced as there is no drying time required. Realizing these efficiencies helps to increase productivity while reducing costs.

For property managers, if a tenant decides to leave, the return to base building is also quicker, efficient and less costly. There is no grinding, no floor residue or any material to remove, besides the actual carpet tile.


Extending Your Budget

These popular carpet systems are not only environmentally appealing but also enticing from a budget perspective:

  • As there is no need for glue, concerns in relation to health hazards, in addition to the environmental impact of toxic glues are eliminated
  • Offering little or no disruption to employees, glueless systems save time and money
  • As there is no mess, installation time is faster
  • Drying time is eliminated so refits can be installed much more quickly
  • No employee downtime due to health related issues

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