Earth Fresh

Darwin Fisher has been an Ingenuity partner for over 10 years, collaborating on a variety of projects. “Darwin always delivers,” says Adam Kozak, Ingenuity Project Manager. “That’s why we trust them to provide a quality service from tender to closeout. The proposals they provide are unmatched. Every piece of work is clearly defined. There is no confusion in relation to the scope of work. During construction, they work with us to accommodate the schedule. In the end, they help deliver the project on time and on budget. “

Kozak goes on to explain that for projects such as Earth Fresh, (see below) Darwin Fisher is always equipped with a strong and reliable staff that are able to provide the support needed. “They offer design services that help the client optimize their expectations and select material best suited for their needs. Their dependable resources ensure the team that the right decisions are made throughout the project.”

IMAX Workplace

Over a 12-week period, Darwin Fisher worked with Noran Industries to supply and install carpet, ceramic tile, stone tile and resilient flooring throughout a newly built theatre at their corporate offices. Phase one of this project also included partnering with Noran to reconfigure existing office space. The IMAX theatre and atrium and existing office space and main reception were included in this part of the project. Installing all flooring for this area included ceramic, resilient and Milliken carpet tile. Darwin Fisher worked with the following vendors: Milliken, Tandus, LSI Resilient Flooring, Johnsonite, Stone Tile International and Mosa. This required extensive scheduling to use the existing space. Darwin Fisher is now working on phase two, which is the reconfiguration and renovation of existing space. Phase two is expected to take about the same amount of time. The entire area is about 40,000 feet. The pictures in the gallery section show all of the different flooring products used in the job. Phase two will take about seven months, as this is a very large job. Darwin Fisher will be working with the same flooring suppliers for the second phase of this project. Darwin Fisher will be working with a new general contractor- Verticon – and designers from Gensler for the second portion of the project.

Service Canada

Service Canada wanted to modernize and refit their retail and administrative spaces. The job was a mix of new construction and reconfiguration of existing offices. Typically the majority of these retail offices are in a mall so they are accessible to the public. Darwin Fisher also designed all of the installation for the administrative offices. They chose Mondo rubber flooring for easy of care, maintenance and sound reduction in the public/retail areas. Offices in the general area were installed with Interface carpet tile. Darwin Fisher also used some of the same finishes in the public areas. There were 20 different office locations across Ontario. Darwin Fisher added significant custom design work to the rubber flooring to improve aesthetics. The job lasted over a two year period. There were many different general contractors Darwin Fisher needed to work with as each location had different resources. This also meant working with a variety of different trades.

Entertainment One

This was an unoccupied building under new construction. The job included new facilities and space that were built specifically for e-One. The project was implemented on a very tight schedule and timeline. Darwin Fisher refit five floors over five months. The designer used was XDesign. The materials used were Milliken carpet tile and Torlys vinyl flooring. Installation was implemented over access flooring. All of the duct work, wiring and electrical were installed under the floor. The floor had to be left accessible so it could be lifted and reinstalled if required. Furthermore, if tiles needed to be moved or new services were required it would make it easy to do so. This was a complex job. There was no time to make errors as Darwin Fisher was juggling small areas, large areas, and electrical and mechanical needs. This was one of more challenging jobs and Darwin Fisher had to work with e-One to be as accommodating as possible. This also included working with all of the other trades. Darwin Fisher had to be very flexible to make sure the project stayed on time and on budget. E-One was thrilled with the final result and the way in which the project was expedited.

Corporate Offices

Carpet installation is one of our main areas of expertise, along with resilient flooring. We have been outfitting commercial offices for over 18 years. This project was completed for a software firm in Toronto. This job was completed in two phases over a 10 day period with zero disruption to staff. The offices were designed by XDesign.

Darwin Fisher provided budgets and then supplied and installed Tandus carpet along with Centiva resilient flooring – a wood look vinyl flooring. This client wanted to brighten up their offices and have them appear more modern. The carpet chosen was vibrant and modern. This type of installation yields a long term return on investment, largely because it is easy to maintain, clean and wears well over time.

As part of the Tarkett family, Tandus Centiva has developed a unique line of hard and soft surface flooring solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding commercial environments. With unmatched innovations for installation and maintenance, and a focus on Cradle to Cradle® principles, our cutting-edge designs work beautifully with the rest of the Tarkett portfolio to create beautiful, comfortable environments that invite and inspire.

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Sheridan Residences

Darwin Fisher worked for Campus Living Centres who manage Sheridan Residences. This was a two year project. Work had to be installed over Christmas, March Break and through the summer months. The downtime was required to work around the student curriculum hours. Scheduling was very important. The majority of the work was completed over three phases over three summers. Darwin Fisher worked with Campus Living to stay within their budget. Darwin Fisher refit all of the student suites with Mohawk carpet tile. The kitchens and bathrooms in the suites were installed with wood grain resilient flooring. Corridor carpets were installed with Tandus power bond carpeting. Darwin Fisher also refurbished the elevator lobby floors and walls. There was no designer assigned to the project. Darwin Fisher worked directly with the Campus Living Management team to select colors and finishes. These consisted of a beautiful array of blacks, greys and multi-tones – grey on grey. The lobby was also completed in grey with a very clean, modern but classic look so that the investment would last for quite some time. Expectations are for the project to last 10 years.