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Luxury Vinyl Tile: Superior Cushioning and Acoustics Insulation

Through technical advancements, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have become thinner in profile. To remedy issues associated with product progression, such as denting, InstaFloor has developed a unique, environmental and cost-effective solution.

Instalay for LVT, which is a patented technology developed and owned by InstaFloor, is stable, durable and non-collapsing. This environmentally sound solution is supported by recycled vulcanized rubber crumb granules. When compressed they provide cushioning performance, however, when the weight is removed the granules return to their original shape. Instalay alleviates denting of tiles via the rubber cushioning and reduces the risk of subfloor imperfections showing through the finished surface.

“Instalay recycled rubber crumb is obtained from used truck and car tires,” said Paul Laporte, sales manager for Instalay North America. “We keep old tires out of the dump sites. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Instalay provides outstanding acoustic properties, superior cushioning for underfoot comfort and impact energy absorption.”


There are competitor products in the marketplace, however they use foam-based solutions, which are not an equivalent technology, explains Laporte. Instalay is an underlay product, which uses a self-adhesive system. “Our product has zero VOC and our acoustic ratings are one of the highest in the marketplace,” said Laporte. Each product has been thoroughly designed, tested and manufactured, using carefully selected components, to ensure that reliable, cost-effective results are consistently obtained.

“The biggest demand for our product is for acoustics, especially for condominiums and large hotel refits,” said Laporte. He went on to explain installers also enjoy the ease of installation and lack of downtime required as key benefits. It provides an ideal solution for refits as tiles can be easily removed. Installation is quick and efficient and there are no adhesive-related products required.

Instalay For Luxury Vinyl Tile Benefits Summary

  • Unique self-adhesive construction
  • Considerably reduced installation time and cost
  • Quick to fit, easy to work with
  • Sub-floor preparation times significantly reduced
  • No messy wet adhesives or open time delays
  • Loose lay installation for rapid fitting and easy future lifting
  • Choice of high grab or low grab adhesive
  • Extremely versatile – ideal for use under most types of flooring
  • Can be walked on immediately after flooring is installed
  • Made from recycled tire rubber
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable – ‘Cradle to Cradle’
  • 100% rebound (non-collapsing)
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Comfort and stability
  • Anti-microbial and anti-allergy
  • Durable and non-absorbent
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating systems
  • Guaranteed for 10 years (terms & conditions apply)


Instalay is extremely versatile and can be used to install solid, engineered and laminate wood floors, LVTs, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, carpet tiles and carpets. The product can also be installed over other flooring applications.

Currently, InstaFloor is renovating a large house in Las Vegas. The customer didn’t want the ceramic tile to be removed. InstaFloor leveled out the grout line and installed the LVT directly over the existing tiles. The residential application will be guaranteed for 25 years.

Beyond residential, Instalay is used worldwide across a variety of industries including hospitality, healthcare, education, leisure and retail facilities. Instalay has provided superior cushioned retail flooring for Clark’s International shoe stores across North America, where heavy retail traffic is constant. There are many other case studies across a variety of industries.

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