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3 Key Reasons Why a Warehouse is Critical to Your Flooring Project Success

The warehouse is critical to a successful flooring installation as unforeseen circumstances can arise when simultaneously working with multiple trades.

warehouse carpet tile and LVT flooring installation Toronto and GTA

Darwin Fisher Commercial Flooring warehouse in Oakville, ON

“Projects are generally turnkey but when delays are encountered, despite careful planning, it can create chaos if there’s no contingency plan,” says Doug McDonald, President of Darwin Fisher Commercial Flooring. “Over the years we have encountered issues at both small and large installation sites, including scheduling delays, equipment, electrical and plumbing problems and other instances that can offset project timelines.”

Warehouse Benefit 1: Inventory Management

Inventory management is important for commercial flooring contractors as it offers a wide array of benefits. A warehouse is not only a place to store product but offers a location to prepare and ship orders. This provides extra value to both Darwin Fisher and its customers as it allows for the right product to be available and delivered at the right place and time. Having a warehouse is paramount to making sure a project runs smoothly as it allows Darwin Fisher to have its materials and experts on site at a moment’s notice.

warehouse carpet tile, lvt, commercial flooring toronto

Our warehouse just before our recent move-in date to our new location.


warehouse management for carpet installation toronto

Our warehouse filling up with materials for all of our upcoming projects.

Not only does the warehouse help to better manage project timelines, it helps to improve customer service and lower costs. Consolidating deliveries to one location, instead of shipping multiple items individually from various sources, is more efficient.  One central location where shipments can be examined, processed and sent out as a single order helps to easily maintain supply and demand for materials.

warehouse and flooring installation Toronto and GTA

Organization of materials in our warehouse is key for both new and stored items.

It can also act as a storage repository for unique products that take longer to order or may have to be ordered in batches (ie. dye lots). During this time, the warehouse protects and secures items that are needed for the verticals that Darwin Fisher services. Items can be checked for both quality and proper order fulfillment before being dispatched.

Benefit 2: Scheduling Control

“We also need the warehouse to store client materials through pre-order, or as a service to clients when installation times are delayed, or project parameters change,” explains McDonald. “Once it’s time to move items, each order is retrieved, grouped, packaged and checked for completeness before being sent to the job site.”

In the case of a recent job for Toronto-based Pusateri’s Fine Foods, the delivery truck could not be accepted due to other trades working on the new site. However, this became a simple delay. When it was time for the installation, the materials were consolidated and shipped.

warehouse for commercial flooring contractors toronto

Having a warehouse helps manage inventory when scheduling conflicts arise with other trades.

In this situation, the warehouse acted as a buffer, balancing the time and demand for materials for just in time delivery. Without the warehouse, requirements to manage items required for jobs would be more complex.

Benefit 3: Storage

There are also client requests for storage of additional stock post installation. “We can accommodate our clients through attic stock which is stored in the warehouse,” says McDonald. “For example, if broadloom carpet is damaged a few years after installation, extra stock is required for seam and pattern matching. Without this option, fixes and repairs can be more logistical in nature. Having a place to store leftover or extra product for our clients contributes to our overall service offering.”

shooter takes a break from commercial flooring

Shooter takes a long nap in the warehouse, while keeping an eye on the inventory.

The warehouse has been used for storing products that demand extended lead times when being shipped from overseas, or, when there are several iterations of a larger project that require installing different flooring materials over long periods. Our work with IMAX Corporation, which was a large project that was phased in over several years, demonstrate this requirement. Click here to read more.

Commercial Flooring Toronto - IMAX

IMAX flooring installation by Darwin Fisher

In summary, Darwin Fisher’s warehouse offers convenience in terms of shipping and handling. Having a warehouse contributes to lower costs by increasing efficiencies in the project management process, offering flexibility, and ensuring the product is available on demand.

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