Levitate – Raise Your Image Without Raising Your Budget

If you have an office which needs updating or renovating, zero downtime is usually the goal. When employees are unproductive for the duration of the refit it can be both frustrating and unproductive for everyone.


For a highly populated call centre space the advantages of Levitate are evident. Photo source: Milliken

The dismantling of systems furniture, wiring and workstations is expensive in terms of time and budget. In addition, the associated manpower and skill needed for set up and take down is substantial.

“The biggest concern our clients want us to address when it comes to carpet installation is the associated logistics: How long is this going to take and how long will the office be disrupted?” said Doug McDonald, President of Darwin Fisher Commercial Flooring.

Darwin Fisher’s secret weapon is Levitate, an Office Lifting System that saves, time, money and eliminates disruptions. This technology gives Darwin Fisher the ability to replace carpet without dismantling office workstations, desks and other furniture. Time-consuming disconnection and reconnection of telephone lines and computer cables are also eliminated.

Levitate is an office lifting system which enables system users to re-carpet occupied office areas providing significant savings in time, cost and disruption. Levitate is a series of custom designed mechanical tools which are placed underneath any type of office furniture to lift it smoothly and safely. The furniture goes up smoothly and the carpet gets installed properly.


Photo source: Milliken – Levitate Office Furniture Lifting System

“Levitate’s ‘no jolt’ screw system raises furniture off the ground in one smooth controlled and safe motion,” explains McDonald. “A traditional refit often requires the services of numerous teams of different contractors. We ensure the entire job is handled by a single professional Darwin Fisher team that provides a reliable and totally coordinated approach.”

The cost savings that Darwin Fisher provides its clients using this system is in excess of 50%. How does this work? Re-carpeting an office area typically entails complex organization and a long list of cost considerations including:

  • specialist furniture dismantling
  • removal teams
  • telephone engineers
  • computer technicians
  • storage
  • staff relocation
  • downtime

All of these costs are eliminated with Levitate.

Zero Disruption

Downtime for many companies means lost business. With Levitate Darwin Fisher can replace large areas of carpet overnight, rather than waiting to the weekend, helping to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.


Unlike other office lifting systems Levitate’s unique jack mechanism lifts furniture in one smooth and controlled motion. This “no-jolt” system means that your office will be completely protected throughout the refit.

Zero Downtime

Levitate ensures that carpet installation is a smooth process. Your office is left completely intact. When the job is complete, each workstation is in its proper place, computers boot up, personal effects are untouched. The experience is seamless. There is no need for staff to waste time emptying and refilling desks and filing areas. This helps to keep staff happy and productive.

If the only thing standing between you and a new carpet is a couple of tons of furniture, Darwin Fisher has your solution. See the following examples below.

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