IMAX Workplace

Over a 12-week period, Darwin Fisher worked with Noran Industries to supply and install carpet, ceramic tile, stone tile and resilient flooring throughout a newly built theatre at their corporate offices. Phase one of this project also included partnering with Noran to reconfigure existing office space. The IMAX theatre and atrium and existing office space and main reception were included in this part of the project. Installing all flooring for this area included ceramic, resilient and Milliken carpet tile. Darwin Fisher worked with the following vendors: Milliken, Tandus, LSI Resilient Flooring, Johnsonite, Stone Tile International and Mosa. This required extensive scheduling to use the existing space. Darwin Fisher is now working on phase two, which is the reconfiguration and renovation of existing space. Phase two is expected to take about the same amount of time. The entire area is about 40,000 feet. The pictures in the gallery section show all of the different flooring products used in the job. Phase two will take about seven months, as this is a very large job. Darwin Fisher will be working with the same flooring suppliers for the second phase of this project. Darwin Fisher will be working with a new general contractor- Verticon – and designers from Gensler for the second portion of the project.