Service Canada: A Darwin Fisher Case Study

Service Canada is a federal institution that is part of Employment and Social Development Canada. Service Canada’s origins began in 1998 when the Canadian government began developing an integrated citizen-centered service strategy based on detailed surveys of citizens’ needs and expectations.

Operations launched in September 2005, when Service Canada began to officially provide Canadians with a single point of access to a full range of government services and benefits by Internet, telephone, in person, or by mail. According to Wikipedia, Service Canada currently has well over 600 in-person offices  and over 200 mobile outreach service units that operate in remote and isolated areas. Over the years, Service Canada has partnered with over 14 other departments and agencies to provide access to more than 50 government programs and services. It also had established close to 500 points of service across Canada – many of which are outreach and mobile offices designed to deliver programs and services into rural and remote areas.

These numbers are growing, and the ultimate goal is to provide Canadians with a single point of access to all government programs and services regardless of where they live or how they wish to interact with the government.

Service Canada

Through this expansion, Service Canada’s St. Catharines location required new flooring as the existing installation had issues and odors. At that time, Service Canada was also launching a new look which included furniture, paint, light fixtures and accents that were required for the 8,500 square foot (sq ft) space.

Service Canada Job Awarded to Darwin Fisher

A request for proposal was issued by Public Services and Procurement Canada and Darwin Fisher Commercial Flooring was the chosen contractor for the project. When the project was awarded, the design was executed by Service Canada. Darwin Fisher then provided mock ups, based on service Canada’s requirements, for approval.

The product chosen was Mondo Contract Flooring rubber flooring sheets and tiles. This would be used for 4,500 sq ft of the flooring. Mondo is a global leader in the rubber flooring market, engineering quality surfaces to meet the highest standards in the industry. Through decades of experience and R&D, Mondo has developed contract rubber flooring that is durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, hygienic, safe and environmentally responsible for education, healthcare and corporate environments.

Commercial Flooring Examples Toronto

Darwin Fisher installation Service Canada

Mirela Nasaudean, was the Project Manager (PM) and Designer at Public Works Canada (now called Public Services and Procurement Canada), at the time of the project.  Nasaudean explained that leases are generally 5-10 years, therefore finishes are chosen to have long life efficiency. As a result, research for products (which used to be 3-5 years) has now changed to 5-10 years.   The other thing that is becoming more important is environmentally sustainable products like Mondo. Other factors that affect the decision making process include cost, reliability, delivery, timeliness and professionalism.

Service Canada Flooring Installation

The rubber flooring and tile installation was complex as flooring accents were required. This precision detail included inlays and an integrated design (see more Service Canada project pictures here). The remaining 4,000 sq ft required carpet tile, also installed by Darwin Fisher. In the past Nasaudean had used another installer and she was not pleased with the job. “I’ve seen very bad installation. To make my clients happy I need to ensure the product is installed properly and right.”

Commercial Flooring Examples Toronto

Darwin Fisher installation Service Canada

Nasaudean also explains that when the project is initiated the line of communication is crucial. “As the PM I need an open line of communication with all of the subs and contractors. Darwin Fisher was always on site and on top of the job throughout the installation process. I can’t speak enough about what a great experience I had working with Darwin Fisher,” she said.

“They are friendly, extremely professional and I trusted them right away. They execute quality installations and immediately assess and correct issues if they arise. They have also been there for me long after the job is over and I don’t have to chase them. It’s one phone call and my needs are taken care of. They always do a great job and I will always recommend them…I’ve always had a great experience with them. “

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