Our Partner Network: Focus on Ingenuity – Building It Like They Used To

Darwin Fisher’s long-standing relationship with Mississauga, ON-based Ingenuity was built on shared values and a passion for the industry. From new builds to renovations, their collaboration demonstrates how a team-oriented approach is essential to client satisfaction and project success.

Ingenuity was founded in 2006 by Mario Viti, Peter Viti and Matthew Bucci. The firm’s mandate was to bring attention to detail and craft while putting people first (clients, communities, tenants, trades) by offering exceptional quality and service.

At that time, the three founders realized that a once positive perception of the construction industry had shifted to cynicism, distrust and a lack of confidence.

“Our industry used to be one of a shared love for craft as true craftsmanship went into every room, building or neighborhood that was built,” say Mario Viti, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Ingenuity. “When you enter a building that was built 100 or more years ago, you can still see the care for craft, the details and the passion that went into the project. At some point, when tight timelines and bottom-line pricing started to become the requirement, our industry expectation shifted. Construction companies began doing whatever it took to ensure a quick build at a cheap price.”

Ingenuity: Anchored in Craft and Quality

As a result, Viti explains the industry slowly built itself a reputation for being untrustworthy, notorious for ‘shoddy workmanship’ and lacking in adherence to project timelines and budget.  “Ingenuity was founded to offer transparency, honesty, true-to-expectation pricing and full risk assessment. We deliver on what we promise. Our goal then was to rebuild the trust in our industry and get it back to being one anchored in craft and quality. Today we are a seasoned, dedicated, and passionate group that helps clients envision a new room, building, or business park.”  Ingenuity’s owners are highly involved with every project and start every day on-site. “Our team is comprised of other experienced, passionate individuals, who feel pride in every project that takes place.  We help other people see, appreciate, and enjoy the spark at the heart of our craft,” adds Viti.

As a commercial builder and general contractor, Ingenuity clients range from those with a vast, detailed knowledge of the construction industry, to clients who have never been part of a construction project. As a result, every project is customized, making sure all details are explained, while ensuring the client feels informed and comfortable at every stage of a project.

“We have personal and meaningful partnerships with some of the industry’s most talented individuals and firms,” says Peter Viti, Co-Founder and Principal at Ingenuity . “This includes architects, interior designers, land developers, business owners, real estate consultants, business real estate professionals and of course a variety of trusted and passionate subtrades that we hand-pick for their quality of work and not their bottom-line price.”

team-oriented design, build and commercial flooring project

Ingenuity + Darwin Fisher: Earth Fresh

Carefully Chosen Partners

Ingenuity chooses partners that share common values. This means not being the cheapest, fastest or most profitable. Partners are carefully chosen and share a common goal of being client and craft focused, while having a strong passion for the industry.  “We begin all projects with a team-oriented approach” says Co-founder and Managing Partner, Matthew Bucci. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is an approach to building that boils down to all project collaborators working together on the same page from the get-go.  The model creates efficiencies, reduces redundancy and makes better use of what all project members bring to the table. It’s a ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’ mentality because everyone is on the same page about the vision from the outset.  “The partners we work with often share the same mentality,” adds Bucci.

Ingenuity and Darwin Fisher – A Team-Oriented Approach

Darwin Fisher has been an Ingenuity partner for over 10 years, collaborating on a variety of projects. “Darwin always delivers,” says Adam Kozak, Ingenuity Project Manager. “That’s why we trust them to provide a quality service from tender to closeout. The proposals they provide are unmatched. Every piece of work is clearly defined. There is no confusion in relation to the scope of work. During construction, they work with us to accommodate the schedule. In the end, they help deliver the project on time and on budget. “

Kozak goes on to explain that for projects such as Earth Fresh, (see below) Darwin Fisher is always equipped with a strong and reliable staff that are able to provide the support needed. “They offer design services that help the client optimize their expectations and select material best suited for their needs. Their dependable resources ensure the team that the right decisions are made throughout the project.”

team-oriented design, build and commercial flooring project

Ingenuity + Darwin Fisher: Earth Fresh

Ingenuity’s All in One, Team-Oriented Solution

Ingenuity offers an all-encompassing solution or can work in varying capacities as per project requirements. Its three main service offerings include the following:

  1. Design-Build

    – building a concept in partnership with a client using hand-picked designers, architects and subtrades to develop into the complete project as envisioned by the client.

  2. General Contracting

    – the project is designed and Ingenuity brings its construction expertise to assemble the right team to see the design come to life with full construction services.

  3. Professional Services

    – Ingenuity will consult on a project and bring construction and design expertise to a group as needed.

“Every project becomes a new challenge for us,” says Bucci. “Every client has a different idea; a different expectation and each project comes with its own intricacies that sends us down a new path of discovery.  We find ourselves learning something new with every project that comes our way.  Twelve years into Ingenuity, we can confidently take on a project as small as an interior retail fit-out to as large as a multi-building, multi-acre business park with individual tenants who each has their own set of needs, design expectations and personalities.”

Peter Viti agrees. “We’ve learned how to work in old buildings, respecting and preserving its heritage. We’ve worked with local conservation authorities, respecting the greenspace around us.  We’ve worked with brands that range from potato growers to aerospace engineers to coffee shops and grocery stores. Our depth of services is growing every day as we learn with every new project.  We don’t see our own education in this industry stopping anytime soon.”

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